Native Plants for Birds


Top 10 Native Plants for Maryland

While this list is not complete, it is a good start for making your backyard bird-friendly. These plants are workhorses for getting the insects needed to attract birds such as hummingbirds, titmice, cardinals, vireos and sparrows, just to name a few. Enjoy watching butterflies flutter about. For a more detailed list, visit Audubon's Native Plant Database where you can tailor the list according to your location and backyard needs.

1. Allegheny Service-Berry

2. Black-Eyed-Susan

3. Butterfly Milkweed

4. Flowering Dogwood

5. Highbush Blueberry

6. Red Columbine

7. Redbud

8. Common Yarrow

9. New England American-Aster

10. White Turtlehead




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