Nest Boxes

Tree swallow nest

Nest boxes (also known as bird houses) are used by a number of bird species that nest in central Maryland. ASCM provides nest boxes along the trails at both sanctuaries. These vary in size and type to provide for different species. The smallest ones are for chickadees. the majority of the boxes you'll see on ASCM's trails are used by either bluebirds or tree swallows. You may also see a few larger boxes. A large nest box in an open field is intended for kestrels, whereas a large nest box near the edge of a pond is intended for wood ducks.

Want to volunteer to monitor one of ASCM's nest box trails? It involves weekly visits to tally eggs and young and reporting the counts to Cornell's Project NestWatch during the nesting season. Please contact our sanctuary manager, Mark Kulis. He will be happy to tell you about these volunteer opportunities.