Volunteer Projects


ASCM provides many volunteer opportunities in a variety of settings. Whether you are a Scout looking to complete that Eagle Project or someone looking to help out at the Bird Seed Sale once a year, we would love to meet you! Without our volunteers, we would not be able to continue to thrive as an Audubon Chapter and work to protect our sanctuaries. Interested in learning more? Contact our volunteer coordinator or sanctuary manager.

life scout project

Eagle Scout Service Project

Life Scout, T.J. Gribble, assisted by fellow Scouts and parents of Troop 793, built a footbridge over lower Carroll Creek, to assist Sanctuary visitors in safely crossing the stream while hiking established trails. Previously, visitors had to cross the streambed using a site designed for use by vehicles, but not safe for those on foot. The footbridge was constructed on September 16, and consists of 7 Black Locust logs, anchored by 4’ lengths of rebar, fastened by 10” lag bolts, covered by #57 stone, and approaches defined by wood chip mulch. Thanks T.J.!!

Seed sale.jpg

Seed Sale Volunteers

Are you a backyard bird watcher? We sell high quality seed a few times a year - our profits go toward sanctuary maintenance and chapter activities. Volunteers commit to helping out for a few hours either manning the tables helping with orders or loading seed into people’s cars. We always have a great time talking birds, meeting nice folks and having a morning snack!