Bird Seed Sales

White-breasted nuthatch

White-breasted nuthatch

Love watching birds? Feed the wild birds high quality seed and watch them flock to your yard all while helping to support ASCM! Feeding the birds that visit your home is one of the most rewarding ways to attract and observe wildlife. During our twice yearly sales, we offer a variety of the most popular kinds of seed available at reasonable prices.

The trick to attracting birds to your yard, large or small, is choosing the right combination of foods and feeders you want to see. We strive to offer a highly attractive selection of seed to bring a variety of birds to your yard.

Pre-ordering is easy!

  • Online Ordering is easy and convenient. We use Stripe, a secure platform, for processing all payments. You will receive a confirmation email once your order is placed. We will also remind you to pick up your order before October 26th.

  • Mail Orders - download our pdf or Word version.

All orders must be received by October 19th.

Pick up October 26th 9am-1pm

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