Audubon Society of Central Maryland
Bird Seed Sales

The ASCM holds two Bird Seed Sales each year: one in late Fall, and another in mid-Winter.

We ask our customers to place and pay for their orders in advance, and select one of two pick-up sites and dates. At this time, orders must be sent by postal mail and paid by check.

We staff pick-up locations in Clarksville, MD, near Columbia, and in Mount Airy, MD, east of Frederick. The Clarksville pick-up is held at the Clarksville Elementary School at 12040 Route 108 (click
here for a map). The Mount Airy pick-up is held at the Prospect Woodville Hall near the Prospect United Methodist Church at 5923 Woodville Road, West of the town of Mount Airy (click here for a map).

Pick-up dates for each sale are scheduled on two consecutive Saturdays, typically in late October and early November for the Fall sale, and late January and early February for the Winter Sale. The first Saturday is set aside for Clarksville, and the second for Mount Airy.

We strive to provide the freshest stock in a variety of seed types and quantities at fair prices. Our sales provide an important alternative to purchasing bird seed from the "big box" stores, where profits primarily contribute to a corporate bottom line.

It's important to note that, in contrast, the profit from the sale of each and every sack of seed or suet cake purchased at an ASCM Seed Sale contributes to the funding vital to continuing the environmental education and habitat preservation programs we run and support in our Central Maryland area.

So each year, when Fall and Winter roll back around, please check our
News page for details on our upcoming Seed Sales, along with information on other ASCM programs and activities.

To be added to our mailing list, please call 301-831-5060, or click
here to contact us by email.

We truly appreciate your support and loyalty!

ASCM would like to acknowledge Mother Nature's store in Columbia for supplying us (at a significant discount) with the bird feeders we sell at our Seed Sale pickup events and Native Plant Sale each year. Thanks, Mother Nature's, for your support!

And finally, we'd like to acknowledge the important support that Giant Foods has donated to our Seed Sales over many years, in providing free tractor-trailer transport to deliver thousands of pounds of bird seed to our Clarksville pick-up location. Thanks, Giant!

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Updated: 09.09.15