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  The Audubon Society of Central Maryland maintains two large wildlife sanctuaries near the towns of Mount Airy and New Market, in Frederick County, Maryland.

These properties are open to individuals and small groups for low-impact recreational and educational uses related to nature and the environment.

Our original sanctuary, the
Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary (ACAS) is located West of Mount Airy, at 13030 Old Annapolis Road. It consists of 129 acres of diverse habitat, including upland meadows, wetlands, woodlands, two streams and a pond. This diversity supports many varied species of birds and other wildlife as they make their home in the sanctuary or stop off during migration.

The ACAS offers great opportunities to observe an abundance of interesting plant, animal and insect sightings. Over the years, more than 160 species of birds have been observed at the Audrey Carroll sanctuary.
Click here to view a cumulative list.

Summer butterfly counts have also been conducted, with the yearly results tabulated over a nine-year period viewable

If you would like to read our tri-fold brochure on the Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary, you can view or download a .pdf copy of it by clicking

Semi-annual banding activities are conducted on  multiple days in the Spring and Fall at Audrey Carroll. Click
here to see a brief description, with links to data and photos .

Our newer sanctuary, the
Fred Archibald Audubon Sanctuary, is located West of New Market, at 6011 Boyers Mill Road. It consists of 140 acres of old fields, forest stands and several streams.

Protecting, maintaining and improving the natural habitat that these two sanctuaries provide are key components of the ASCM mission. We will always welcome your support and participation.

Be sure to check our
News! page for the latest ASCM sanctuary projects and activities. Also, look into our Nature Walks program, which takes advantage of sanctuary environments and facilities.

Mark Kulis, our Sanctuary Manager, for more information on the ways you can get involved in improving, protecting and enjoying these great resources.


 Updated: 05.22.16